Kayleigh McEnany absolutely roasted this Democrat for his recent temper tantrum

Democrats are nervous and the party is spiraling out of control.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is tanking and the infighting in the Democrat Party is reaching a fever pitch.

And Kayleigh McEnany absolutely roasted this Democrat for his recent temper tantrum.

Joe Biden’s abysmal first year in the White House has many on the Left nervous for the future of the Democrat Party and its control of Congress.

But long before the 2022 midterm elections comes a handful of off-year state elections and one that is being watched very closely is Virginia.

Many are considering Virginia a test case after everything that occurred during the 2020 presidential election.

What happens in Virginia could pave the way for the 2022 midterm elections.

One person in Virginia that seems to be getting increasingly more nervous the closer election day gets is former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe was Governor of the state from 2014 to 2018.

In Virginia, Governors are term limited to one four-year term but can serve more than one, just not consecutively.

Having already served once as Governor and being the golden boy of the Democrat Party in Virginia, McAuliffe looked to many as the heir apparent.

But they didn’t count on Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin being so close in the polls just two weeks out from election day and that is making McAuliffe very nervous.

So nervous that his behavior is becoming erratic and downright mean.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe abruptly ended an interview with a local Virginia TV station because he thought reporters needed to ask, “better questions.”

Former White House Press Secretary knows all too well how the media works and she had something to say about Mr. McAuliffe’s childish behavior.

“The Democrats definitely believe that the press is in their corner. Just listen to their own words. Nancy Pelosi last week said you’re not doing enough in the media to sell my $3.5 trillion plan. Bernie said ‘hey, you don’t know what’s in the plan. America doesn’t because the media has not told people,”said McEnany. 

So, when an interview doesn’t go the way a Democrat wants it to go they get mad, much like McAuliffe did, because they believe they should be treated differently.

McEnany went on to say, “They believe that the media is in their corner and when the media actually ask hard questions, which local reporters very often do, they can’t handle it.” 

The Virginia station gave Glenn Youngkin the same amount of time and questions and the Republican didn’t storm off the set.

In the end, McAuliffe looks like a fool and a spoiled politician who storms off when he doesn’t get his way.

Not the kind of leadership most Virginians are looking for.

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