Kamala Harris was furious when law enforcement gave her this shocking news

Kamala Harris has been a total failure as Vice President.

Even Democrats know she’s been a total disaster.

And she was furious when law enforcement gave her this shocking news.

Kamala Harris was supposed to be the next rising star for Democrats.

They placed her as Biden’s Vice President to set her up as the future of the party.

But her time as Vice President has been filled with constant blunders.

One of the first tasks that Biden gave her was overseeing border security.

She’s completely botched the job, spending more time allegedly searching for “root causes” than actually visiting the border.

The Biden border crisis has turned into the worst in the country’s history.

His own Homeland Security Secretary told Border Patrol agents in leaked audio that, “Look, it’s worse now than it, frankly, has been in at least 20 years, if not ever.”

Record levels of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs like fentanyl are flooding across the border.

Americans, especially law enforcement, are furious at Harris bumbling the country’s security.

Now, the Western States Sheriffs Association (WSSA) is speaking out about her massive failure.

They issued a resolution condemning Harris and asking for the Biden regime to dump her as “border czar.”

The group voted unanimously for a vote of no confidence in her.

“We call on President Joe Biden to take the appropriate steps to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from her leadership position and appoint a new leader who can recognize, respect, and enforce the rule of law for the safety and security of our nation,” the statement read.

“Since her appointment, we have seen her policies enacted that are focused on her personal and political ideologies that only serve to dismantle the security of our country and the enforcement efforts of the hard-working federal officers assigned to an extremely difficult task,” they continued.

“Today we are witnessing a complete and total breakdown of policies compared to past years,” they added.

The WSSA had a good relationship with President Trump and supported his effective border security policies.

“After witnessing this disaster over the past year and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from Vice President Harris, the Western Sheriffs’ Association, and its membership must emphatically state our position of having NO confidence in the ability of Vice President Kamala Harris, and her leadership,” they concluded.

Normally, law enforcement tries to be an apolitical institution, but the situation is a catastrophe and Harris is such a disaster they felt they had no choice but to speak out.

Representing 17 western states, these sheriffs are on the front lines of the border crisis.

This becomes the latest criticism from a surprising source against Harris’s handling of the border crisis.

Texas Democrats representing areas on the border have also slammed her.

Democrat Henry Cuellar of Texas said he gave up trying to deal with her.

With the border a total disaster, the criticisms against Harris will keep coming in.

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