Kamala Harris just embarrassed herself with another COVID flip-flop

The COVID regime is changing the rules of the game as it goes.

Americans are caught in the middle of a tsunami of nonsense coming from officials and so-called experts.

Now Kamala Harris just embarrassed herself with another COVID flip-flop.

The Biden administration has had several bad weeks in a row.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers are in the toilet and Kamala Harris’ numbers are even worse.

Harris’ numbers are so bad, there’s talk of someone else running at the top of the ticket in 2024.

Biden says he’s running, but nobody believes that, especially after he said he wouldn’t seek a second term during the election.

Harris stepped in it again when she changed her position on travel bans in light of the COVID Omicron variant.

When Donald Trump issued a travel ban with China at the onset of the pandemic, Harris and other Democrats said it was racist and ineffectual.

But now that the Omicron variant is spreading, Harris and the Democrats are fully on board restricting travel from South Africa.

The Omicron-inspired ban is even worse because the world knows more about how the virus operates whereas everyone was shooting in the dark in early February of 2020.

The variants tend to be more transmissible, but less lethal, which is essentially how all “good” viruses work.

If the viruses are too powerful, they kill off the hosts and don’t replicate.

Somehow decades of infectious disease knowledge has been ignored in service to extending the forever-pandemic.

This isn’t Harris’s first embarrassing flip-flop.

She and other Democrats were singing a different tune about vaccines as soon as Joe Biden was elected.

The lies and contradictions are stacking up.

Harris and the Democrats don’t think the American people are paying attention, but they are.

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