Kamala Harris is planning one campaign trip that could backfire spectacularly

The Biden administration is imploding for all the world to see.

And Kamala Harris is aboard the sinking ship.

Now Harris is planning one campaign trip that could backfire spectacularly.

Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal – among other blunders and crises – is destroying his presidency.

Vice President Kamala Harris allegedly wanted no part of being the public face of the foreign policy.

But instead of addressing the border crisis, rising inflation, economic problems, or a myriad of other issues facing Americans, the Vice President is taking a trip to California to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom.

Ironically, Harris is trying to distance herself from Biden while California Governor Gavin Newsom would do well to distance from her.

Harris is traveling to her home state of California to help Newsom stave off a recall.

From The New York Post:

“Vice President Kamala Harris will hit the campaign trail next week alongside embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom — only days before the Sept. 14 deadline of the all-mail recall election that could boot the Democrat from power in Sacramento. The veep’s visit to the San Francisco Bay area, confirmed Saturday by Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders, is a do-over for a rally that Harris was forced to cancel in the wake of last week’s horrific terror attack on US troops at Kabul’s airport.”

Despite the Democrats’ two-to-one advantage in registered voters in California, Newsom is still in trouble.

Polls have the race as a tossup.

And it doesn’t seem as though Harris will positively impact Newsom’s campaign.

The Biden administration is watching its approval ratings sink, and Harris is a deeply unpopular politician.

Many Twitter users pointed out that Harris might be more of an albatross than a boon.

Democrats are terrified that Newsom could get recalled and the most populous state in the country could fall into the hands of Republican Larry Elder.

Considering Harris’ poll numbers were abysmal during the primary and she dropped out before Californians voted, it stands to reason she won’t be an asset for Newsom.

Harris better hope she isn’t asked any challenging questions, otherwise she’ll break into her unnerving laughter.

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