Kamala Harris is in hot water after her latest colossal blunder

Kamala Harris was supposed to be an asset for the Biden regime.

Her tenure as Vice President has been a complete disaster.

And she’s in hot water after her latest colossal blunder.

Kamala Harris was positioned to be the Democrats’ next Presidential candidate after being placed as Vice President.

Instead, her run as Vice President has been a complete dumpster fire.

She was put in charge of solving the border crisis, but waited 100 days to actually show up there.

Her approval ratings have sunk to historical lows for a Vice President not seen since the early 1970s.

Recently, she pulled back from the public eye to rebrand her image with the help of Hillary Clinton allies.

The supposedly new and improved Kamala continued her pattern of epic bloopers.

She made a surprise appearance at an event at George Mason University in Virginia with students to encourage voter registration.

During questions from students, one of them said that Israel was engaged in ethnic genocide against the Palestinians.

Harris nodded along in agreement and dropped a ridiculous statement in response.

She said “Your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth cannot be suppressed, and it must be heard.”

As the backlash started to grow, her team went into damage control reaching out to several Democrat aligned pro-Israel groups to apologize.

This latest incident is a perfect example why Harris is a bad politician.

She made a poor decision and flip-flopped when she got pushback.

Her short lived Presidential campaign started with aggressive socialist positions like support for Medicare-for-All before reversing course as her campaign floundered.

Her status as political weathervane marked by incompetency in handling the border and pushing the Biden agenda has destroyed her approval ratings.

With Joe Biden clearly in decline, she is in prime position to be the Democrats top contender in 2024.

The constant string of blunders is going to give Democrats a major headache going forward. 

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