Kamala Harris got blindsided by how Elizabeth Warren just tried to take her job

Kamala Harris is walking on thin ice with the Democrat Party.

She’s finding out just how few allies she really has left.

And Kamala Harris got blindsided by how Elizabeth Warren just tried to take her job.

Whether or not President Joe Biden will run for re-election continues to be a topic of debate.

Most Democrats try to avoid the question altogether, but on numerous occasions several big name Democrats have refused to outright endorse 82-year-old Biden’s 2024 plans’.

But those Democrats who harbor their own Presidential aspirations take a different tact.

These Democrats have outright endorsed Biden, as they want their Party’s voters to see them publicly supporting their President.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has already traveled down this path.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is simply following in his footsteps.

In an interview with Boston Public Radio, Senator Warren declared that despite Midterm exit polls showing 67% of voters do not want Biden to run, she believes he must seek a second term.

“Yes, he should run again,” Warren declared. “And he is running again because he has gotten a tremendous amount done. It’s been two years. He’s had this hideous possible majority in the United States Senate and only a very small majority in the House. And yet look at what we’ve done.”

From there, the interview took a very interesting turn.

The host asked Warren if the President should run again with Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate.

But Senator Warren declined to endorse a Biden/Harris ticket in 2024.

“Y’know, ah, you know, I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team,” Warren claimed. “I’ve known Kamala for a long time. I like Kamala. I knew her back when she was – when she was Attorney General, and I was still teaching. And we worked on the housing crisis together. So we go way back. But they need, they have to be a team. And my sense is they are. I don’t mean that by suggesting I think there are any problems. I think they are.”

Senator Warren clearly sees herself running for President again, whether it be 2024 or 2028.

In either scenario, she would almost certainly face Kamala Harris in the primary.

And there is no way Elizabeth Warren is going on the record complimenting a potential rival.

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