Joe Biden’s week went from bad to worse after this big news

The disasters foreign and domestic keep piling up for the Biden regime.

Now an enemy from the past is reemerging.

And Joe Biden’s week went from bad to worse after this big news.

The utter chaos around the withdrawal from Afghanistan is the latest colossal Biden blunder.

After completely mismanaging the situation, the regime has created a catastrophe.

Abandoning the key air base at Bagram to overmatched Afghan government forces, it quickly fell into Taliban hands.

At Bagram, the prison held thousands of terrorists who were freed by the Taliban.

The prisoners included members of the infamous terrorist group ISIS.

Now on the loose in Afghanistan, amid the chaos, the group is reconstituting itself.

As the U.S. is desperately trying to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies out of a single airport in Kabul, a new warning has been issued.

Regime spokesman Jake Sullivan said that ISIS poses a threat to Americans trying to evacuate at the Kabul Airport.

Americans have been warned not to travel to the airport and avoid the gates there.

With thousands of Americans still trapped and only a single point of exit, the airport is a ripe target.

This is a stunning turnaround from the Trump administration when the group was all but eradicated.

The threat from ISIS isn’t just contained to Afghanistan.

With a porous southern border and Afghans being evacuated with flimsy vetting, ISIS could be able to enter America.

Of course, ISIS isn’t the only terrorist group making a comeback under the Biden regime.

The Taliban has been freeing Al-Qaeda fighters from jails across the country as they’ve taken control.

Now with Afghanistan in turmoil, these groups have territory to be able to rebuild.

After the weakness displayed by Biden, terrorists could be emboldened to take advantage.

A reemergence of terrorism after the calm brought by Trump could be another debacle that could further sink the Biden regime.

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