Joe Biden’s week went from bad to worse after he got this devastating news

The corporate-controlled media said Joe Biden would be a return to competency in the White House.

Now the blunders are piling up in record numbers.

And his week went from bad to worse after he got this devastating news.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been one of the biggest foreign policy debacles in American history.

The Biden regime made one wrong move after another as they fled the country.

With the withdrawal over, the book was supposed to be closed on the Afghanistan debacle.

But now the failed withdrawal is turning into a lingering problem for the regime with the evacuation of Afghan refugees.

Instead of an orderly plan with prioritized and vetted Afghans evacuated from the country, the regime just randomly shoved anyone onto flights to make it look like the evacuation was a success.

They tried, unsuccessfully, to spin it as the modern day Berlin Airlift.

It turns out the situation is another colossal Biden blunder after new reports emerged on the refugees. 

Housed on military bases while awaiting resettlement, it’s been reported that at least 700 Afghan refugees have just walked off bases and disappeared into the country.

Many of these refugees haven’t been vetted and earlier reports indicated that fake visas were being used to get refugee status.

Fifteen Republican Senators sent a letter to Homeland Security blasting the regime for their lack of vetting Afghan refugees and asked for a pause on anyone without a special visa.

This is the latest crisis, a series of them involving the refugees brought over to America.

Several refugees were flagged by the U.S. for being on a terrorist watch list and denied entry into the country.

Earlier it was reported that older male refugees had brought over child brides.

A sexual assault on a female solider by an Afghan occurred at a military base.

The series of predictable problems through poor planning is just another example of Biden’s failing “America Last” agenda.

With hundreds of unvetted Afghans now in America, this is the latest lingering headache for the regime as the crises start to pile up.

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