Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy just admitted why he refuses to do anything about skyrocketing gas prices

Americans are feeling pain at the pump due to record-high gas prices.

They’re demanding Joe Biden do something to bring prices down.

But Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy just admitted why he refuses to do anything about skyrocketing gas prices.

With gas prices at record highs, Americans are demanding President Joe Biden take action to solve the crisis.

However, Joe Biden refuses to accept any responsibility for the crisis, instead blaming everyone from Vladimir Putin to greedy oil executives.

But there is a reason why Joe Biden refuses to do anything to bring down gas prices.

Democrats are using skyrocketing gas prices as an excuse to try to force Americans to accept their radical “green” agenda.

And President Biden’s Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, just admitted it.

“I mean, I think the prices are unsustainable for many people right now,” Granholm said during an appearance on CBS Mornings. “I mean everyday citizens who are on fixed incomes, paying huge amounts of money that they had not anticipated or budgeted for just to get to work.”

“It is unsustainable for many and unfortunately, there’s not a quick fix,” Granholm continued. 

Most Americans would agree with Granholm’s statement. 

Gas prices are unsustainable, as they are crushing hard-working families struggling to make ends meet.

But then Granholm admitted that Joe Biden and the Democrats are secretly glad that gas prices are skyrocketing.

“However, your point about also accelerating our progress toward clean energy is very, very important,” Granholm declared.

This isn’t the first time Secretary Granholm essentially cheered on high gas prices.

She recently referred to record-high gas prices as “a very compelling case” for why Americans would purchase electric vehicles.

President Biden echoed Granholm’s push for electric vehicles on Friday during a virtual summit on so-called “climate change,” where he called for “zero emissions” on all cars sold in the United States by the year 2030. 

“Over the long run we can remove the pain of volatile gas prices, and reduce transportation emissions by putting more zero-emission cars on the road,” Biden said.

Of course, the reality is that Democrats are giddy over high gas prices because they see it as an excuse to force their radical “green” agenda on America.

Joe Biden declared war on American energy on his first day in office by shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline and banning any new drilling for oil or gas on federal land.

The President’s anti-fossil fuels agenda, combined with his socialist spending spree, which was a trojan horse for the “Green New Deal,” have sent gas prices skyrocketing.

Voters are rightly outraged and polls show they are ready to punish Democrats at the ballot box this fall.

But right now, Democrat Party leaders don’t seem to care.

They’re more concerned with forcing their radical “green” agenda on America than they are anything else.

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