Joe Biden’s jaw hit the floor after the corporate-controlled media admitted Trump did this better

Joe Biden thought he had the corporate-controlled media in his back pocket.

But journalists turned on him in a surprising way.

And Joe Biden’s jaw hit the floor after the corporate-controlled media admitted Trump did this better.

After Joe Biden announced his Presidential campaign, it became clear that he had lost a step.

President Biden’s handlers used the pandemic as an excuse to hide him away in his basement, keeping him off of the campaign trail.

After Biden took office, the signs of his mental decline became all too obvious for everyone to see, as his handlers have avoided putting him into press conferences or one-on-one interviews since he occupied the Oval Office.

Biden routinely gives short statements to the Fake News Media, before walking away avoiding any questions.

His regime has used COVID restrictions to keep their own allies in the corporate-controlled media away from events that would have been open to them during past presidencies.

The corporate-controlled media are some of Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleaders after they waged non-stop war against Donald Trump.

Now, their frustration with the Biden regime over their lack of access to the President is beginning to boil over.

White House Correspondents from multiple outlets have ripped the regime over a “historic” lack of access to Biden, and using the pandemic to keep them out of areas that previous administrations freely gave them access to.

68 journalists including those from heavy hitters in the corporate-controlled media, like NBC and CNN, sent a letter to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre demanding more access, while making clear that this wasn’t their first request for more access.

“We once again respectfully request the Biden administration – without exception – re-open all of the traditional venues for Presidential remarks at the White House, including the East Room and the South Court Auditorium, for any reporter admitted to the White House campus,” the correspondents’ letter began. “The current method of allowing a limited number of reporters into these events is not only restrictive and antithetical to the concept of a free press, but it has been done without any transparent process into how reporters are selected to cover these events.”

The regime has been limiting the number of reporters at certain events, freezing out some of the biggest names in the corporate-controlled media from attending.

The letter mentioned that even former President Donald Trump gave reporters better access during his Presidency.

Things are catastrophically bad for Biden if the corporate-controlled media is praising Donald Trump for being better at something than him.

“The administration’s continued efforts to limit access to the president cannot be defended,” the letter continued. “Any notion that space is ‘limited’ is not supported by the fact that every other President before Biden (including Trump) allowed full access to the very same spaces without making us fill out a request form prior to admittance.”

When the corporate-controlled media is getting frustrated with Biden, the situation is completely out of control.

Joe Biden’s clear mental decline and the effort to hide him away is causing some of his biggest allies to sour on his regime.

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