Joe Biden’s environmental extremist agenda is now forcing Americans to face this awful reality

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Joe Biden has gone all-in on forcing the country to transition to green energy.

The consequences of that reckless decision are about to be felt. 

And Joe Biden’s environmental extremist agenda is now forcing Americans to face this awful reality.

The power grid can’t handle the increased demand of summer

The start of summer means that air conditioners are turning on around the country.

America’s power grid gets its biggest test from the increased demand in electricity that arises from the need for air conditioning in the summer.

President Joe Biden has made switching to green energy to replace reliable fossil fuels the top priority for his regime.

And that’s putting the nation’s electric grid at risk of rolling blackouts this summer if a heatwave causes a spike in power use.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) released a reliability report about the electrical grid being at risk of not being able to meet demand in cases of extreme heat and cold.

Major sections of the country, including New England, Texas, and the midwest, face the possibility of rolling blackouts this summer if electricity use surges during a heatwave, according to the report.

The NERC found that Democrats’ efforts to shut down reliable coal-fired power plants in favor of wind and solar energy farms is creating a situation in which electricity generation cannot keep pace with demand.

Danger to the electrical grid is growing after a new rule from the EPA

The Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unilaterally issued a new rule that mandates that coal-fired power plants make an expensive upgrade for carbon capture technology, or be shut down by unelected federal bureaucrats by 2032.

Carbon capture technology is unproven and cost prohibitive for most utility companies, which will force many coal plants to shut down.

Natural gas power plants could be the next target for a carbon capture mandate from the Biden EPA.

Democrats are rushing to force the nation to switch to green energy without taking the consequences into consideration, according to energy experts.

Grid consultant Lee Cordner told Just the News that Democrat-controlled California is an example of the problem with Democrats’ rush to green energy.

California’s efforts to switch to wind and solar energy as quickly as possible has stalled out at about 34% of the state’s total energy capacity because new wind turbines and solar farms can’t be connected to the electric grid without costly upgrades.

And lawsuits from left-wing environmental extremist groups slow down the process of upgrading the grid.

“They’re stuck,” Cordner said. “Unless someone puts — I don’t know — $100 billion into grid upgrades they’re going to be stuck. There’s no place to plug in.”

Specialized parts to upgrade the electric grid like high-capacity circuit breakers can take years to manufacture.

Power companies are warning that carbon capture technology isn’t viable.

“CCS [Carbon Capture and Storage] is not yet ready for full-scale, economy-wide deployment, nor is there sufficient time to permit, finance, and build the CCS infrastructure needed for compliance by 2032,” Edison Electric Institute CEO Dan Brouillette said.

A perfect storm is brewing that’s threatening to collapse the electrical grid.