Joe Biden’s big plan to win over American voters in November is to make this massive promise to Africa

Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Public domain, via Flickr

With less than five months until Election Day, Joe Biden is still searching for something to hang his hat on and claim it’s the reason Americans should re-elect him in November.

But he’s apparently decided to instead simply give them every reason not to vote for him.

And now Joe Biden’s big plan to win over American voters in November is to make this massive promise to Africa.

There’s only five months left until November’s Presidential election, and President Joe Biden still has zero accomplishments to show voters.

The country is facing the worst illegal immigration crisis in American history thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats’ open borders agenda.

Americans no longer feel safe due to skyrocketing crime in Democrat-controlled cities across the nation.

The economy is in the toilet, and high inflation has many working-class Americans struggling to make ends meet under the skyrocketing cost of living ushered in by so-called “Bidenomics.”

Democrats are targeting children with their woke extremist ideology.

Since he has zero accomplishments to run on, Democrats unleashed their many witch hunts against former President Donald Trump while their media allies push the propaganda narrative that it’s him who is somehow a so-called “threat to democracy.”

But domestic issues are not the only problems facing America under Biden.

Biden’s bungling of foreign policy has turned America into an embarrassment on the international stage.

His proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is close to pushing the United States into World War III with Russia.

But President Biden refuses to face reality and still sees himself as some sort of hero who is admired by the rest of the world.

Biden recently sat down for a rare interview with Time.

“Over the course of the interview, Biden spoke at length about his foreign policy agenda, including his views on China, Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel, as well as concerns about his age as he runs for re-election,” Time reported.

Biden sounded delusional from the very start.

“We are, we are the world power,” Biden declared.

He then tried to blame Trump for his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“And what I inherited, as a consequence of the mistake that we made in Afghanistan is a — was not a loss in Afghanistan,” Biden said, before adding that “I think that, look, I believe, I have a fundamentally different view than Mr. Trump has on a range of things.”

Biden went on to bring up Africa and the fact that “there are going to be a billion people” there in the next several years.

He then promised Africa that he would give them a “build back better” bill if elected to a second term.

“We have to, we have to be a catalyst for change for the benefit, for the, for the better, we have to help them build back better, we have to help them,” he said.

“There’s so much opportunity in Africa,” he added. “And we have to work it.”

Biden’s “build back better” agenda wrecked the U.S. economy and sent inflation through the roof.

And Africans should be terrified of his promise to help them “build back better” if re-elected to a second term.