Joe Biden’s attacks on DeSantis could be blowing up in the President’s face

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to speak out against the current administration.

Americans seem to be loving the no-nonsense approach the Governor is taking on issues like the border and mask mandates.

And now it looks like Joe Biden’s attacks on DeSantis could be blowing up in the President’s face.

Last week, Joe Biden took aim at Republican Governors who are signing orders stopping mask mandates and forced vaccinations.

Biden says that these Governors, like Ron DeSantis, are “signing orders that forbid people from doing the right thing.”

Well, Ron DeSantis took issue with the President’s statement.

In a recent news conference, the Florida Governor had a few choice words for Joe Biden.

“Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure, and until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you,” DeSantis stated.

Shots had been fired, and a war of words ensued between DeSantis and Biden for the better part of a week.

For DeSantis, the back and forth only proved to increase his popularity among the conservative right.

The attacks levied by Biden against DeSantis only serve to help the Florida Governor angle for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

After the first attack by DeSantis, Biden answered with a flippant “Governor who?” that has only proven to damage Biden even more.

DeSantis responded the next day.

“I’m the Governor who protects parents and their ability to make the right choices for their children’s education. I’m the Governor who protects jobs and education and businesses in Florida by not letting the federal government lock us down. I’m the Governor who answers to the people of Florida, not to bureaucrats in Washington.”

This banter between the two men only benefits DeSantis.

The Governor is a rising star in the Republican Party, and being attacked by a President as liberal as Biden only helps to bolster DeSantis’ approval numbers.

It would be wise of Biden to step away from the attacks on DeSantis since they are not helping him or the Democrat Party in any way, but the Left has never been known for being logical.

Only time will tell how this all plays out in the end, but right now, it’s score one for the Governor of Florida.

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