Joe Biden’s alleged “mandate” is failing spectacularly after one shocking event

Joe Biden’s Presidency keeps getting worse.

He’s trampled all over the Constitution in pursuit of inane policies.

And Biden’s alleged “mandate” is failing spectacularly after one shocking event.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate is quickly falling apart.

Many employees in various sectors are pushing back.

The latest people to resist the COVID regime are airline workers, including pilots and air traffic controllers.

Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel thousands of flights due to shortages.

However, Southwest tried to blame the cancelations on the weather.

Townhall reports:

“Following a weekend where nearly 2,000 flights had to be cancelled, passengers of Southwest Airlines on Monday were in for a fourth day of headaches after the airline operations were not back to normal yet, with 360 flights canceled and another 750 delayed, according to FlightAware. While the airline blamed the weather and air traffic control disruptions, others reported that a “mass ‘sickout’” of federal workers and pilots protesting a vaccine mandate was the reason…Southwest’s official narrative has been questioned due to the fact that other airlines have not been significantly impacted by weather or air traffic control staffing problems.”

Many were quick to point out just how absurd that contention was.

Other airlines have only had a fraction of cancelations, which normally hovers around 2%.

But Southwest experienced cancelations for roughly one quarter of their flights.

The COVID regime is bursting at the seams as people are getting fed up with the draconian measures.

Healthcare workers, police officers, and even NBA and NFL players are balking at being forced to inject a drug into their bodies.

The mass push for everyone to get vaccinated doesn’t even make sense.

The COVID regime has attempted to make discussions about natural immunity taboo.

The only way the tyranny ends is if more people do what the Southwest employees did and say no more.

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