Joe Biden will be infuriated when he sees this shocking video a group of 19 Senators just released exposing the border crisis

The crisis at the border is worsening – with record numbers of illegal aliens streaming across on a daily basis.

Joe Biden is doing everything he can to keep the American people in the dark about how bad the situation has gotten under his Administration.

And Joe Biden will be infuriated when he sees this shocking video a group of 19 Senators just released exposing the border crisis.

Most Americans agree that the biggest crisis facing the Biden Administration is the out-of-control situation on the southern border.

Record numbers of illegal immigrants are flooding across the border on a daily basis, with border patrol agents apprehending a whopping 170,000 illegal immigrants trying to sneak across the border during the month of March alone, a staggering 72% increase in just one month.

Of course, the influx of illegal immigrants isn’t surprising given the fact that Joe Biden promised amnesty and taxpayer-funded handouts for illegal immigrants during the campaign.

But despite all that, Joe Biden refuses to take the situation at the border seriously, and even tries to shut down anyone who dares expose to the American people how bad the crisis has gotten under his Administration.

In fact, Joe Biden recently tried to stop Ted Cruz from filming a video at one of the holding facilities where illegal immigrant children were packed into cages and often held longer than the law allows for.

But Joe Biden couldn’t stop a group of 19 GOP Senators from releasing a shocking video from the border that Biden won’t be able to brush under the table.

Fox News reported:

Fox News got a first look at the new video Republican senators released Thursday of their trip to the southern border that highlights drug trafficking from Mexico and the consequences of not finishing the border wall.

The 7-minute video shows behind-the-scenes footage of senators visiting the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge in the Rio Grande and talking with border agents about the recent uptick of drugs they’ve seized at the border, including marijuana and heroin.

The video shows senators inspecting some seemingly legitimate items border agents confiscated at the port of entry that were filled with drugs, including pallets, tires and even fruit.

There’s no doubt Joe Biden will be infuriated when he sees the 7-minute video showing just how bad the crisis at the border has gotten under his administration.

But the question still remains: Will Joe Biden do anything about it or continue to gloss over it as he’s done so far?

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