Joe Biden waved the white flag of defeat with this shocking move

Joe Biden’s incompetence has created more problems than he can possibly solve.

He’s desperately trying to save his collapsing regime.

And he just waved the white flag of defeat with this shocking move.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden’s foreign and domestic blunders are converging for a catastrophe.

His weakness as President inspired America’s enemies to take advantage of his regime.

He’s devastated American energy by shutting down pipelines and drilling while trying to crush oil and gas companies with Green New Deal regulations.

American energy production declining combined with the Ukraine crisis has thrown gasoline on the fire.

Oil hit its highest price per barrel in nearly a decade.

And Americans are getting set to feel massive pain at the pumps.

According to AAA, the U.S. national average gas price set its record high at $4.17/gallon.

Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy added, “The national average has risen 49.1c/gal in the last seven days, the largest 7 day rise in history, surpassing the 49.0c/gal rise after Hurricane Katrina.”

This is turning into a major political problem for the Biden regime and he’s desperately searching for answers.

Now, regime advisors are strongly considering dispatching Biden on a Saudi Arabian trip this spring to beg them to increase oil production.

The move would come after relations with Saudi Arabia have hit a low point under Biden.

While campaigning, he referred to the Saudis as a “pariah” and attacked them for their alleged role in the death of a Saudi national who worked for the Washington Post.

Saudi leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman fired back at the regime in an interview with The Atlantic.

“We don’t have the right to lecture you in America. The same goes the other way,” bin Salman said.

Biden will try to go hat-in-hand to plead with them to increase production.

This desperation move is likely to fail.

Biden has already asked OPEC, which the Saudis are a key member of, to increase production and they’ve turned him down twice.

With sanctions against the Russian oil industry looming, Biden is desperate to do anything other than unleash American production.

Recently, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told MSNBC that purchasing oil from Iran was on the table.

The regime also sent the highest level American political delegation in years to meet with the communist Venezuelan government.

Presumably, their intention was to court the country’s dictator while discussing lifting sanctions on oil.

The regime is hell-bent on doing everything possible to avoid increasing American oil production.

Biden’s slavish devotion to the Green New Deal is setting up to pump millions of dollars into the hands of our enemies.

While the Biden regime is occupying the White House, the country will continue to suffer under his “America Last” energy policy.

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