Joe Biden was just handed one report that has him hitting the panic button on his border crisis

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Joe Biden is leading the most pro-open borders regime in American history.

Record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs like fentanyl are pouring across the border on his watch.

But Joe Biden was just handed one report that has him hitting the panic button on his border crisis.

President Joe Biden has done his best to ignore the increasingly-dangerous situation at the border.

At the beginning of his Presidency, he pretended to take the Biden border crisis seriously by appointing Vice President Kamala Harris as the regime’s border czar.

Of course, Harris also refused to lift a finger to secure the border – even though she constantly repeated the claim that “the border is secure.”

And record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens continue to flood into the country on a daily basis, with more than 182,000 apprehended by Border Patrol during the month of April alone – and that doesn’t even include all those who weren’t apprehended by border agents.

Since January of 2021, more than 4.5 million illegal aliens have entered the country.

But most Americans are in the dark about the Biden border crisis.

A new Harvard-Harris poll found the majority of Americans far underestimate the number of illegal aliens entering the country.

“The poll showed that 56 percent of respondents wrongly believe the inflow was less than 500,000 per year,” Breitbart reported. “An additional 19 percent incorrectly said the inflow was between 500,000 and 1 million. Only 16 percent — or just one in six Americans — were close to the answer, offering estimates of between one million and three million.”

When provided with the true numbers, the results are troubling for Biden.

“Over 2.75 million came into the United States illegally over a twelve-month period ending September 2022, and more than 1.2 million have crossed since then,” poll respondents were informed after giving their initial thoughts on the Biden border crisis. “Given these numbers, should the administration continue its current policies or issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people coming across the border?”

This prompt question is bad news for President Biden and Democrats in 2024.

Biden currently depends on his allies in the media to keep Americans in the dark about the staggering number of illegal aliens entering the country on his watch.

But self-proclaimed “journalists” will not be able to keep Americans in the dark for much longer.

Once the 2024 elections kick into full swing, Republicans will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertisements telling voters just how bad the situation at the border really is under the Biden regime.

Polls show an overwhelming majority of 79% of voters view illegal immigration as at least a somewhat serious issue.

And Joe Biden can be certain that his Republican opponent will spend whatever it takes in the General Election to ensure every voter knows the truth about the Biden border crisis.

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