Joe Biden was furious when a leading Democrat made this shocking statement

Joe Biden’s Presidency is going up in flames.

He’s desperately trying to get things turned around.

And he was furious when a leading Democrat made this shocking statement.

Joe Biden unleashed an unprecedented assault on American energy after taking his office.

On day one, he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and froze drilling permits on federal land.

Then he teamed up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to try to ram Green New Deal policies through Congress.

With American oil and gas besieged by Biden’s war on energy, the country lost the energy dominance achieved under President Trump.

Now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation has turned into a crisis.

Banning Russian oil as part of sanctions against Putin left a major hole in the market.

Thanks to Biden’s crackdown on American oil, imports of Russian oil doubled under him.

Gas prices have hit record highs across the country and more pain at the pump could be on the way.

The pain at the pump for drivers is turning into a massive political problem for Democrats.

Polls show that voters blame Biden for the skyrocketing price of gas.

With the midterm elections around the corner, Democrats are scrambling for solutions.

Democrat Ro Khanna of California has been one the most left-wing members of the House.

He’s an environmental wacko who’s supported every far-left green scheme.

But even Khanna made a jaw-dropping statement about the gas price crisis.

Appearing on Bloomberg TV he said, “In the short term, yes, we need domestic increase in oil production.”

“And that obviously, is going to not be consistent in the very short term with climate aspirations. But I think over the long term, we can still have our climate goals,” he remarked.

This is a shocking statement from a radical leftist who supports the Green New Deal.

The situation with gas prices is so bad that he’s come out in support of American oil.

Khanna knows that Democrats could pay a heavy political price in the midterm elections for sky high gas prices.

Even an ally of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can see that this has turned into a major political problem for Democrats.

Their war on American energy has backfired to the point that the far-left are now supporting the conservative position of unleashing American energy.

But still, even with radicals like Khanna conceding it’s time to tap American oil, Biden isn’t backing down.

His regime is refusing to lift a finger to increase domestic production.

Instead, he’s turning to countries like Iran and Venezuela for oil.

He’d rather send billions of dollars to America’s enemies than give it to Americans.

Biden has turned into one of the biggest extremists in the Democrat Party on green energy.

He’s using this crisis to push public transportation and electric vehicles as the solution.

The pain at the pump for drivers could just be starting with the Biden regime occupying the White House for the next three years.

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