Joe Biden was furious after he suffered a massive defeat he never saw coming

Joe Biden thought he had it all figured out.

He just can’t help but trip over his own feet.

And Joe Biden was furious after he suffered a massive defeat he never saw coming.

President Joe Biden’s war on American energy production has sent gas prices soaring to record highs.

Gas prices have more than doubled since he first set foot in the White House. 

They’re becoming a major political problem for Biden and Democrats heading into the 2022 Midterm elections.

Record-high gas prices have turned into a millstone grinding away at Biden’s approval rating, sending it plummeting to record lows.

With Biden fully bought into the radical environmental agenda that’s taken over the Democrat Party, he flat out refuses to unleash American energy production to increase the domestic supply and bring prices under control.

So he’s left scrambling to find a solution to solve the problem he created.

President Biden thought he had an ace up his sleeve that would bail out his failed regime.

He was planning to go hat in hand to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to beg them to increase their own production.

These two Middle Eastern oil giants increasing production could have bailed out Biden.

Now, he’s been humiliated on the world stage again after his plan fell to pieces.

At the G-7 Summit, a meeting of major international leaders, French President Emmanuel Macron poured cold water on President Biden’s scheme.

In a video that surfaced on social media, Marcon is seen talking with Biden.

“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt,” Macron said as he approached Biden.

“I had a call with MBZ,” Macron said, referring to Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the leader of the United Arab Emirates. “He told me two things. I’m at a maximum [production capacity] and [the] Saudis can increase by 150 [thousands barrels per day].”

This confirms what the United Arab Emirates already publicly stated about being at maximum oil production capacity.

A 150,000 barrel per day increase by Saudi Arabia would be but a drop in the bucket on the world markets.

The U.S. consumes nearly 20 million barrels per day alone.

Joe Biden’s plan to get these Middle Eastern countries – with connections to terrorist groups – to bail out him just fell apart.

While it’s possible the Saudis could find a way to increase their current production limit, it’s unlikely that would do Joe Biden any favors.

During his Presidential campaign, Biden called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” for alleged human rights abuses.

But after taking office, he cozied up to Saudi Arabia’s chief regional rival, Iran, further angering the Saudis.

The simplest and easiest solution would be to unleash American energy production, but Joe Biden would rather sink his Presidency and wreck the country than give up on his left-wing “green” schemes.

With no help coming from the Middle East, President Joe Biden will just have to go back to the drawing board to lower gas prices.

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