Joe Biden was fuming when one of his top advisors made this infuriating statement

Joe Biden already had more problems on his plate than he can deal with.

But one blunder just made his life even more miserable.

And Joe Biden was fuming when one of his top advisors made this infuriating statement.

Joe Biden is looking for good news anywhere he can find it these days.

After taking office, Biden declared war on American energy, sending gas prices to record highs.

Even though the price of gas has dropped some in recent weeks, it’s still at the same sky-high levels usually reserved for California.

With the cost of living soaring under Biden, drivers are cutting back and causing demand to go down.

Desperate for any victory they can find in a sea of bad news, the Biden regime is trying to take a victory lap over gas prices going down a little.

After previously claiming the President couldn’t control the price of gas, the regime is trying to give Biden credit for bringing down gas prices.

Jared Bernstein, a member of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers, is a top mouthpiece for trying to spin Biden’s economic failures in the corporate-controlled media.

In an appearance on CNN, Bernstein revealed how disconnected from reality the Biden regime is with one jaw-dropping claim.

Bernstein was trying to get ahead of the disastrous GDP report showing America just entered into a recession.

“I think we’ve gotten into a technical discussion about what constitutes a recession,” Bernstein said. “I think bringing the facts to the table is something that we as economic advisers have to do.”

“I think what’s more to the point is there are a lot of people who call it what you will,” Bernstein continued. “What they want to know is how far is their paycheck going.”

Regime officials are trying to redefine the definition of a recession to protect Democrats ahead of the Midterm elections.

“In that regard, look, there is absolutely some tough news regarding how high inflation’s been, but there’s also some positive news that we should not overlook. I mean, the price at the pump is now $4.30 a gallon. That’s down 70 cents off of its peak,” Bernstein said.

Things are bad for Joe Biden when a top official has to tout $4.30 a gallon gas as “positive news.”

When Biden took office, the average price of gas was around $2.30 a gallon.

This is an infuriating victory lap to take while Americans are getting hammered with $4.30 a gallon gas.

The “positive news” of the Biden economy is that drivers are paying sky-high prices for gas that were in the past reserved for places like California.

Jared Bernstein’s absurd victory lap over $4.30 gas only proves that good news is in short supply for Joe Biden.

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