Joe Biden was fuming when an Obama official made this startling defense of Fox News

Joe Biden’s Presidency is an epic disaster.

Democrats are even giving up on defending his mess.

And he was fuming when an Obama official made this startling defense of Fox News.

The situation with a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine is the latest foreign fiasco for Biden to deal with.

Sensing incredible weakness from the Biden regime, Putin has amassed troops near the Ukrainian border.

After grabbing parts of Ukraine under Obama, it appears he could back for more.

Joe Biden has always been prone to sticking his foot in his mouth but in his current declining mental state it’s worse than ever.

Democrats got him out of the basement for his first press conference in months.

Predictably it was a total fiasco with Biden rambling and making unhinged comments for nearly two hours.

The corporate-controlled media tossed Biden softballs and treated him with kid gloves.

Fox News took the chance to ask tough questions of the man allegedly running the country.

Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden, “Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?”

Biden, offended that the press would even question him, muttered under his breath, “What a stupid question.”

Former Obama Director of Global Engagement Brett Bruen weighed in Fox’s question and made everyone’s jaws hit the floor.

He slammed Biden, saying, “It isn’t a stupid question. It’s a really important one.”

“We continue to allow Putin to set the terms, timeline, & trajectory of this crisis. It’s time we stop being so reactive & start creating some of our own conditions,” he added.

The fact that a former Obama foreign policy guru is hitting Biden on his handling of the situation shows what a disaster he’s been.

Biden promised to make America respected in the world again and claimed he’d stand toe to toe with Putin claiming, “he doesn’t want me to be President.”

His incompetence and weakness has let America’s enemies around the globe know it’s open season.

When Fox News reached out to the regime for comment on Bruen’s remarks White House Deputy Press Secretary Andy Bates replied, “Who?”

Clearly the regime knows who Bruen is and can’t even attempt to defend themselves so they’re just trying to ignore it.

This is another criticism of Biden’s foreign policy by Bruen who now works in the private sector.

He’s hit Biden for appointing “amateur diplomats” and called on Biden to fire his national security team in the wake of the Afghanistan debacle.

With the Biden regime’s disastrous foreign policy fueling America’s enemies, more so-called experts from the Obama era could start to distance themselves from this disaster.

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