Joe Biden was boiling mad when a Republican Governor said these two words

The Biden regime is going down the tubes.

The President is feeling the heat over his mounting scandals.

And Joe Biden was boiling mad when a Republican said these two words.

The growing classified document scandal involving President Joe Biden is a five-alarm political fire for the White House.

President Biden’s claims that he inadvertently took the documents are on thin ice after a fifth batch was discovered at his home, including documents that dated from his days in the Senate.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu torched Biden, calling the President a “disorganized slob” during an appearance on Fox Business.

“The most concerning point is that the President appears to be a disorganized slob that doesn’t even know where his stuff is,” Sununu said. “I mean, you’ve seen the pictures of the Corvette and boxes of trash sitting behind it.”

President Biden claimed that the classified documents found in the garage of one of his Delaware homes were secure because he kept it locked.

“We joke about it because America has kind of thrown up their hands on both sides,” Sununu continued. “There is no sense of accountability or transparency or public trust.”

The first batch of classified documents was found back in November, stuffed in the closet of the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center – a Communist Chinese-funded think tank – six days before the Midterm elections.

The Biden regime then sat on this bombshell for months to keep potentially damaging news from derailing the campaign in the final days before the election.

“Obviously, they found files that he had as a Senator, as Vice President, and as President,” Sununu said. “It opens up the whole question of who else has these files.”

President Biden’s classified documents were stashed away without any concern over their security.

Hunter Biden had access to the home where the classified documents were kept while he was running his crooked foreign business deals that traded on Joe’s political position, and was heavily addicted to illicit drugs.

CNN reported that some of the highly sensitive classified documents found at the Biden Center pertained to Ukraine and Iran.

Hunter was being paid millions for a no-show job on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma during this time period. 

“This could be a never-ending story of confidential files sitting all across the country,” Sununu remarked. “So you have to get that under control but again, it has to start from the top. [Biden] ain’t really leading by example.”

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal and the regime’s botched response is doing serious political damage to the struggling President. 

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