Joe Biden was blindsided when a key ally gave him this devastating news

Joe Biden is dealing with more problems than he can handle.

He never expected a political ally to put this on his plate. 

And Joe Biden was blindsided when a key ally gave him this devastating news.

The economy is on the verge of a major recession from President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies.

Now, Biden’s Big Labor allies are poised to create even more pain for the struggling economy.

The chances of a crippling strike by railroad workers are rising after members of the nation’s largest railroad union, SMART Transportation Division, voted down a contract proposal.

Meanwhile, members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) voted to accept the contract offer by a narrow margin. 

There are 12 major railroad unions in the country, and if one of them rejects a contract the other unions will join them in a nationwide railroad strike.

“We stood shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in SMART-TD and others in rail labor throughout this process and we will continue to stand in solidarity with them as we approach the finish line in this round of negotiations,” said BLET President Dennis Pierce.

The two unions represent about half of all unionized railroad workers.

In September, the railroad unions reached a tentative deal brokered by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, but that wasn’t enough for Big Labor.

The railroad unions, backed by their Democrat allies, are moving the goalposts to demand even more concessions on sick time and paid leave.

They’re using the threat of a crippling nationwide railroad strike to force the hand of railroad companies.

The earliest a strike could happen is December 5, just in time for the busy holiday season.

The consequences of a nationwide railroad strike would be a disaster for the struggling Biden economy.

A potential strike could shut down 40% of the freight lines in the country, costing the economy $2 billion per day.

Should 40% of America’s freight lines stop, the price of transporting goods would skyrocket, and the supply chain crisis still plaguing the country would only be exacerbated.

“A rail shutdown could freeze almost 30% of U.S. cargo shipments by weight, stoke inflation, cost the American economy as much as $2 billion per day and unleash a cascade of transport woes affecting U.S. energy, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and retail sectors,” Reuters reported.

In the event of a strike, other forms of transportation, like trucking, wouldn’t be able to pick up the slack for shuttered rail cars. 

Congress could still step in to avert a strike, but it would be a tricky proposition, according to a former Biden labor official.

“Congress can’t allow a national freight rail strike to go on for more than a few days,” Seth Harris, a former Biden White House adviser on labor and economic issues, said. “But it’s hard to imagine the Democrats’ putting themselves in a position where they’re negotiating for paid leave from the unions.”

A strike by Joe Biden’s Big Labor allies could tip the teetering economy into a recession – or worse.

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