Joe Biden was blindsided after this plan backfired in a major way

Joe Biden thought he was on the verge of a major victory.

Then reality smacked him in the face.

And Joe Biden was blindsided after this plan backfired in a major way.

Joe Biden is a card-carrying member of the radical, left-wing environmental extremism that’s taken over the Democrat Party.

After causing gas prices to double, the Biden regime is hell-bent on forcing impractical electric vehicles on drivers.

The centerpiece of Biden’s grossly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” was a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles to lure drivers into this green scheme.

Now, Biden’s push for electric vehicles is coming back to bite him after a major announcement from Ford Motor Company.

Ford is going all-in on Democrats’ push to phase out gasoline and diesel power vehicles in favor of electric vehicles.

The company announced that it’s going to lay off 3,000 workers to cut costs as part of its transition to electric vehicles.

According to the auto manufacturer, 2,000 workers are getting the pink slip in Dearborn, Michigan, while another 1,000 workers will be working as contractors for outside companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company had too many employees and that “the existing workforce doesn’t have the expertise needed to transition to a portfolio of electric, software-laden vehicles.”

The transition to electric vehicles requires a new skill set for autoworkers, endangering jobs in factories producing gasoline powered vehicles. 

Media reports from July indicated that Ford was preparing to layoff as many as 8,000 workers as part of its electric vehicle transition.

President Joe Biden likes to claim that he’s looking out for working class Americans with his phony “Scranton Joe” blue-collar persona.

Blue-collar Scranton, Pennsylvania was Biden’s place of birth, but he grew up in Delaware in a decidedly non-blue-collar upbringing.

Now, Biden is costing jobs and threatening the livelihoods of blue-collar autoworkers he claims to care about, in order to appease radical left-wing environmentalists and coastal elites in his own Party.

But Ford could be just the beginning of job losses in the auto industry as the heavy hand of Big Government forces companies to produce electric vehicles.

“Every automaker, currently supplying automobiles, at volume to the market are either going through this or will be going through this,” warned Flavio Volpe, President of Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association.

This is the latest major setback for Joe Biden’s electric vehicle push after the passage of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Both Ford and General Motors have already announced that they are also increasing the prices of many electric vehicles by amounts that will ultimately wipe out any savings the bill’s $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit potentially offered.

Joe Biden’s radical environmental agenda is costing American jobs and betraying the blue-collar Americans he claims he’s looking out for. 

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