Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender with this shocking request

Joe Biden came into office touted by the media as the next FDR.

Instead, with catastrophic failures piling up he looks like the next Jimmy Carter.

And he waved the white flag of surrender with this shocking request.

Joe Biden is pushing a radical green energy agenda.

Adopting parts of the Green New Deal he wants to shut American energy and transition to mass transit and electric cars.

Fighting climate change was supposed to be a key component of his foreign policy.

Now reality is smacking him in the face with sinking poll numbers and rising gas prices.

He’s raised the white flag and is running to OPEC for help with his tail tucked between his legs.

The White House released a statement calling on members of OPEC to increase oil production to help bring down gas prices.

The statement noted that oil prices are higher now than the summer of 2019 before the pandemic and current prices could stall the global economic recovery.

The statement, without a hint of irony, also mentioned that Biden wants Americans to have access to affordable energy at the pump.

This is especially rich given the actions of the administration.

Biden declared war on America’s vast energy sector the day he took office.

One of his first acts as President was to sign an executive order shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, which was expected to carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day.

He then shut down new leases for fossil fuels on federal lands and shut down all drilling at Alaska’s Arctic National WildLife Refuge (ANWR).

ANWR drilling opened up a potential of billions of barrels of oil for the country.

This flip-flop is one of many in the long career of Biden.

Biden has routinely shifted positions on things from China to crime based on nothing more than political expediency.

With two major infrastructure bills on deck potentially loaded with green energy handouts, Biden could have a major headache keeping radical environmentalists happy while trying to keep rising energy prices from sinking him.

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