Joe Biden turned red with rage when a top Democrat pointed out this catastrophic failure

Joe Biden’s Presidency is on pace to go down as one of the worst in history.

Democrats are starting to call him out.

And Joe Biden turned red with rage when a top Democrat pointed out this catastrophic failure.

Even Democrats are coming to understand that President Joe Biden’s border crisis is creating chaos all across the continental United States.

Last year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott began transporting illegal aliens from his ravaged border state to Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities” around the country, like New York City, to bring attention to the Biden border crisis.

New York, which claims to be welcoming to illegal aliens, has had more than 40,000 illegal aliens flood the city, causing all hell to break loose.

The city’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams, is melting down over the deadly consequences that could result from having the Biden border crisis land on his doorstep for the first time.

Mayor Adams has called for massive amounts of federal aid to deal with the illegal aliens, and recently claimed that there was suddenly no more room for them in New York, despite the fact that New Yorkers fleeing the city since the start of COVID has caused its vacancy rate to skyrocket to nearly 8%, a full 6% higher than the pre-COVID rate.

Recently, the New York City Mayor even took a page from President Joe Biden’s playbook and visited the border city of El Paso, Texas.

Less than two weeks ago, President Biden visited the border for the first time in his 50-year political career in what was an obvious political stunt.

The President managed to avoid meeting any illegal aliens after the city was cleared out by the Biden regime in a massive cover up effort ahead of his trip.

During his trip to El Paso, Mayor Adams took direct aim at Biden and his botched handling of the border crisis he created.

Adams declared that the surging numbers of illegal aliens entering the country is a “national crisis” that demands a “national solution,” putting the blame squarely on President Biden.

Unlike Biden’s El Paso trip, Mayor Adams actually visited an area of the city that is under siege from frequent crossings by illegal aliens.

The New York City Mayor also visited a Border Patrol processing facility that’s been pushed far beyond capacity handling the recent surge of illegal aliens, as well as an area of the city that was turned into a homeless encampment by illegal aliens.

El Paso’s Democrat Mayor declared a state of emergency as the city was so overwhelmed by tens of thousands of illegal aliens that it forced many to sleep under bridges, or even in dumpsters.

During the trip, Adams said that he and El Paso Democrat Mayor Oscar Leeser are “on the front lines, and we need federal support.”

New York City expects that dealing with illegal aliens will cost the city an estimated $2 billion, and the Democrat Mayor is asking President Joe Biden and his regime to help foot the bill.

Adam’s press secretary, Fabien Levy, said that the Mayor was visiting local officials to learn what they were hearing from illegal aliens.

“The reality of the situation is these migrants are being promised things before they cross the border that are just not available,” Levy said.

President Biden and Democrats promised illegal aliens they would be given every taxpayer-funded handout under the sun if they could just make it into the country.

Now, they’re being forced to confront the painful reality that the Left’s open borders agenda has unleashed the worst border crisis in American history.

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