Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost when a sheriff said these three words

Joe Biden is in hot water for the catastrophic damage his Presidency has done.

His biggest disaster could be on the way. 

And he turned as white a ghost when a sheriff said these three words. 

Joe Biden’s open borders agenda has unleashed the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

Thousands of illegal aliens are flooding into the country every day with no end in sight.

Because Biden is hell-bent on ending any kind of border security, the situation could get much worse.

A lawsuit won by Republican state Attorneys General temporarily stopped Title 42 from expiring.

Title 42 was a public health measure activated by President Trump to quickly deport illegals to protect the country from the pandemic.

But the Biden regime isn’t giving up on its open border schemes.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the regime is preparing for Title 42 to end despite it being in legal limbo.

With it gone, the border crisis could turn into a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe.

The Border Patrol estimated that 500,000 illegals could try to cross each month with it gone. 

Now, a group of sheriffs are calling for Title 42 to be kept in place.

The National Sheriff’s Association sent a letter to Senate leadership signed by sheriffs across the country.

These sheriffs gave a jaw-dropping assessment of the current state of the border.

“We simply have no border left in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or Southern California,” the letter stated.

A leading sheriff’s group told the ugly reality that Joe Biden has inflicted on the country.

The country now has “no border left” because of his insane policies.

“The Administration since day one, phased out remain in Mexico (overturned by courts), reversed asylum restrictions, implemented 100 day pause on deportations and stopped building the barrier which defines our border,” the letter continued.

“Title 42 is the only policy provision left since 2022 that helps to stop the unhealthy (no COVID testing) border crossings by millions of illegal entrants to our country,” they write.

“Now, the Administration is ending one of our most effective health measures, Title 42, which seeks to return illegal immigrants to their home country during this pandemic,” they added.

The sheriffs warned that already thousands of illegals are heading from the jungles of Central America towards the border. 

It concluded with a devastating take down Biden’s border failures.

“We have already reached the million-illegal immigrant mark in just 6 short months,” they explained.

“This letter addresses Title 42 so we won’t speak about the amount of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, ghost guns, ammunition and other deadly substances flowing across our border at this very moment,” they concluded.

Every state is now a border state because of the Biden border crisis.

These sheriffs spoke out after being on the frontlines against the mayhem Biden caused.

With Title 42 in limbo, the battle over the border is going to heat up. 

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