Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost after he was handed this devastating news

Joe Biden’s problems are piling up with no end in sight.

One massive failure is coming back to haunt him.

And Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost after he was handed this devastating news.

The border crisis unfolding under President Joe Biden is taking a terrifying turn for the worst.

A flood of illegal aliens and deadly drugs, like fentanyl, are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

The chaos on the border under Biden is turning into a serious national security crisis.

The number of suspected terrorists trying to enter the country through the U.S.-Mexico border is surging.

For the current fiscal year, which began in October, federal authorities have apprehended 38 individuals who were flagged by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.

These are individuals who are “reasonably suspected” of being involved in terrorism, or supporting terrorist activities, by the FBI.

This year is on track to top the staggering 98 suspected terrorists who were arrested at the border during the last fiscal year.

Under former President Donald Trump, only three suspected terrorists were arrested during his last two full years in office.

During the 2019 fiscal year under the Trump administration, no suspected terrorists were arrested at the border.

They didn’t even attempt because they knew they’d be brought to justice under Trump.

But now terrorists are trying to capitalize on the open border created by the Biden regime to try and sneak into the country.

The odds are overwhelming that a terrorist has already entered the country since President Biden occupied the White House.

It only takes one committed terrorist to create a terrible tragedy.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said that 1.2 million illegal aliens have “got away” from federal authorities since Biden took office, more than the population of the entire state of Montana.

An untold number of illegal aliens on top of that have slipped into the country completely undetected.

President Biden put out the siren call for illegal aliens to enter the U.S., and now, terrorists are using the Biden border crisis to gain access to the country.

This disturbing news comes on top of Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Vice President Kamala Harris laughably claiming “the border is secure.”

Now, Biden is presiding over a major national security risk at the border, and his regime refuses to change course on its open borders scheme.

Former Trump administration CBP commissioner Mark Morgan said the situation on the border is “catastrophic.”

“What’s been happening at the border the last two years continues to be a catastrophic crisis, and the White House, Secretary Mayorkas, and the open-borders advocates on the left continue to lie about it,” Morgan told The Daily Caller. “Under the last Democratic president, 25,000 encounters was a borderline crisis — for the Biden administration, 10 times that number is simply business as usual.”

Joe Biden’s fanatical commitment to creating open borders is leaving the country in grave danger of horrific tragedy.

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