Joe Biden triggered a loss of faith in one major American institution

Joe Biden’s Presidency keeps getting worse.

He has failed by virtually every single metric.

And Biden triggered a loss of faith in one major American institution.

Under Joe Biden’s weak leadership, faith in the U.S. military has dropped by a significant amount.

The loss of confidence comes after Biden’s botched withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Biden delayed Donald Trump’s agreed upon withdrawal date, and was still wildly unprepared.

The military under Biden evacuated Bagram Airfield before getting all Americans out of the country, a move that made zero strategic sense.

As a result of the botched withdrawal, 13 Marines died, and another refugee crisis was spurred.

Breitbart reports:

Americans with a great deal of confidence in the U.S. military dropped a staggering 11 percentage points from February under Commander in Chief Joe Biden, according to a survey released Friday by the Ronald Reagan Institute. The Reagan National Defense Survey showed that the percentage of Americans having a great deal of trust and confidence in the U.S. military is only 45 percent — the first time that number has dropped below 50 percent since the survey was first conducted in 2018. It is also a steep drop from 56 percent in February 2021.

Worse yet, the military has gone “woke.”

General Mark Milley felt the need to educate his command on “white rage.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a stand down order of the armed forces so the military could investigate extremism within the ranks.

Of course, radical leftists were not the focus of the investigation.

The Reagan Institute said in its summary:

“Almost a year into the Biden Administration and a few months removed from the Afghanistan withdrawal, the American people are equivocal and unsure about U.S. global leadership and military capabilities.”

Americans have a right to be skeptical.

A study of the Navy commissioned by Tom Cotton and other Republicans in Congress found that military readiness in the Navy was being undermined by an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

Wokeness now pervades all of American society, even the military.

And it certainly has no place there.

Democrats want all institutions to follow the dictates of the Left.

Wokeness serves as an ideological purity test.

The people that stand up against it are either purged, or they quit themselves out of frustration.

None of this is good for the competency and lethality of the armed forces.

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