Joe Biden saw these poll numbers and realized it was the end of the line

Joe Biden came into office claiming to be the most popular president ever because he got the most votes of any presidential candidate.

But with the dubious events around the 2020 elections, many Americans weren’t so gung-ho.

And now the truth is hitting Biden like a ton of bricks after he saw the latest poll numbers.

If Joe Biden thought his ratings were bad a few weeks ago, he had no idea how bad they’d be after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden’s job approval has taken another nosedive.

Now, only two other presidents have had ratings lower than him.

The criticism over the turbulent Afghanistan withdrawal hit Biden from both sides of the aisle and made for some seriously bad poll numbers.

And the supposed surge in new COVID cases across the country isn’t helping to give Biden a boost either.

Many on the Left believe he’s not doing enough to protect people, and many on the Right believe he’s putting authoritarian mandates in place just to try and gain control of the American people.

Either way, it doesn’t help him win any popularity contests.

Since January, Biden’s approval rating has hovered in the low to mid 50s, but in the last month, it has been consistently sliding as the crisis in Afghanistan dominated the media.

In a compilation of surveys put together by the polling and analysis website left-biased FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval ratings are underwater by two- to three-percent.

Not good.

Over half of those polled in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released this past weekend gave Joe Biden a big thumbs-down on how he’s handling his duties.

Only Gerald Ford in March of 1975 and Donald Trump in August 2017 have posted lower approval ratings.

Trump eventually rallied to the occasion and saw better ratings later in his term.

Ford, not so much.

Rising consumer prices, new mask mandates, forced vaccines, and the loss of innocent life have all contributed to Biden’s poor approval rating.

Political pundits are calling on Biden to unveil a new government program in order to dig himself out of this hole.

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