Joe Biden just released one of the most immoral messages to Americans ever delivered by a President

Joe Biden’s Presidency is on the ropes.

He promised to unite the country, but he’s done the opposite.

And Biden just released one of the most immoral messages to Americans ever delivered by a President.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are cratering.

He’s under water across the board, even on his handling of COVID.

But Biden and the COVID regime remain undeterred in spreading as much fear, paranoia, and division as possible about the virus.

But the White House recently made a statement that split the country between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and blamed the latter group for impending suffering.

This is an absurd statement for an administration to make.

There are people who are unvaccinated for logical reasons such as allergies to ingredients, they have natural immunity after already having COVID, or they have other risk factors that caused their doctors to recommend not taking the vaccine.

Irrespective of that, people don’t have to give a reason for refusing medical treatment.

Biden and the Democrats act like liberty is something frivolous.

That’s the mindset of the Left – they will bulldoze anyone and anything in pursuit of their ideological goals.

The fear-mongering over the Omicron variant is also ridiculous considering all available data so far suggests that it is much milder than Delta and the earlier strains.

Even the South African doctor who discovered Omicron said her patients were only experiencing mild symptoms.

Biden is trying to use COVID to divide the country because he has nothing else to run on.

His economic policies have failed, his border policies have led to migrant surges, and his legislative agenda just went up in smoke.

Biden is attempting to extend the forever-pandemic because Democrats and public health officials don’t want to relinquish their emergency powers.

But the American people are fed up.

Even people in blue states are ready for the madness to end.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, recently declared the COVID emergency “over.”

Biden can attempt to divide the country, but Americans seem to be unifying against the endless drumbeat of COVID hysteria. 

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