Joe Biden just picked a fight over mask mandates with the last person you’d ever expect

For two years, Democrats treated wearing masks like an article of religious faith.

But cracks finally appeared in that united front.

And Joe Biden just picked a fight over mask mandates with the last person you’d ever expect.

Democrat Governors in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Washington state announced the end of some mask mandates.

The polls that showed Americans sick and tired of mandates and Democrats don’t want to get crushed in November, so Governors are trying to head off a red wave by trying to fool voters into thinking Democrats are leading a return to normal life.

But the Biden administration will not let the sense of permanent pandemic go.

At the White House press briefing, Jen Psaki undermined Democrat Governors trying to ease out of mask mandates – even at a glacial place – by declaring support for mask mandates.

“Our guidance has consistently been this: When you are in a high-transmission area, which is everywhere in the country, you should wear a mask in indoor settings, including schools,” Psaki stated.

“Certainly, we continue to advise and recommend abiding by public health guidelines,” Psaki added.

Reporters asked Psaki about the mixed messaging coming out of the White House when Democrats at the state level are desperate to find an off ramp out of the COVID hysteria.

“I think we should do everything we can to prevent them from being confused, so I’m restating what our policy is here, from the federal government, which is based on public health guidelines,” Psaki stated.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is now below 40-percent.

Americans are furious over soaring inflation, increased crime in Democrat-run cities, and millions of illegal aliens invading across the southern border.

But one of the main drivers of Americans discontent with the Biden administration was Joe Biden lying during the campaign about shutting down the virus.

Instead, Biden re-imposed a mask mandate last summer and proposed an illegal federal vaccine mandate for private sector employers with more than 100 workers.

Americans quickly learned that Biden’s plan was to impose a permanent state of pandemic on the country.

That was not what the American people bargained for.

And despite the fact that Joe Biden’s poll numbers cratered and his own party is in the early stages of an open rebellion, Joe Biden will not give up on ordering Americans to wear masks.

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