Joe Biden just made a giant fool of himself and Democrats are furious

The Biden administration is rapidly breaking down.

Joe Biden’s gaffes are piling up and his policies are hurting Americans.

Now Biden just made a giant fool of himself and Democrats are furious.

The corporate-controlled press tried to sell Joe Biden as a respected statesman who would represent a “return to normalcy.”

Instead Biden has be-clowned himself while pushing radical socialist policies.

Biden’s latest blunder came when he endorsed a caller who cheekily said to him, “Let’s go Brandon.”

The three-word phrase has come to represent a euphemism for the viral “F*ck Joe Biden” chants that have become commonplace at sporting events.

It didn’t take long for the so-called “mainstream” media to come to Biden’s defense and denounce the caller.

For the caller’s sake, hopefully the press doesn’t feel the need to doxx him like they did a forklift operator who posted a meme of Nancy Pelosi.

The same Democrats who complain about the loss of civility were gleeful at anti-Donald Trump outbursts.

They cheered when Robert De Niro screamed “F*ck Trump” on stage at the Tony Awards.

But now Joe Biden’s approval ratings are cratering.

His handling of the border, Afghanistan, COVID, and the economy have all caused Americans to lose faith in his leadership.

“Let’s go Brandon” is probably the nicest thing Americans can say about Biden right now and the Democrats are furious about it.

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