Joe Biden just got some stunning news that’s putting his agenda in jeopardy

Joe Biden came into the Presidency promising to govern as a moderate seeking bipartisan support for his agenda.

However, with a narrow majority, he’s leaning on the agenda of AOC and Bernie Sanders to rebuild the country in the wake of the government-induced COVID-19 recession.

But he just got some stunning news that’s putting his agenda in jeopardy.

Rebuilding the middle class with so-called “green jobs” was at the forefront of Biden’s plan to transform the economy.

During the campaign, he promised to create 10 million well-paying green jobs that would rebuild Middle America.

Manufacturing and maintaining wind and solar power would save the planet and lift workers into the middle class.

Reality has thrown cold water on Biden’s fantasy of a green jobs revolution.

A 2,000 acre solar farm being built in Flint, Michigan described the workers they needed as unskilled and low wage.

This example sums up what kind of low skill low pay work the majority of so-called “green jobs” provide.

In fact, The New York Times even compared the green economy envisioned by Biden and the far Left to working in an Amazon warehouse or driving for Uber.

The manufacturing side of green energy is even bleaker in job creation.

China currently has a chokehold on solar manufacturing, supplying 80% of the solar panels used in the U.S.

The red tape of Biden and a Democrat-controlled Congress makes it unlikely these jobs could be brought back to the U.S.

High paying jobs in coal, oil, and natural gas that power the economy are on the chopping block for an environmental fantasy.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has been a part of pie-in-the-sky claims about green jobs.

During the Obama administration, millions of green jobs were promised but were never delivered.

The left-wing special interest grab bag being sold as “infrastructure” could give Biden more opportunities to double down on this failed policy.

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