Joe Biden just got publicly humiliated by telling this big lie about Fox News

Fox News is the Left’s favorite punching bag.

Liberals love to falsely claim that Fox News Channel is the driving force behind America’s political divide.

And now Joe Biden just got publicly humiliated by telling this big lie about Fox News.

Joe Biden once again turned into a national embarrassment with a pathetic display at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Biden spent the night laughing at comedians telling jokes about how inflation is out of control and the American people are suffering from surging prices that resulted from Biden’s agenda.

When it was Biden’s turn to take the stage, Biden tried to pick on Fox News accusing the network of hypocrisy noting that some network talent was in attendance at the dinner and complied with the requirements to be up-to-date on COVID vaccinations.

“Everyone had to prove they’re fully vaccinated and boosted,” Biden exclaimed. “So if you’re at home watching this, and you’re wondering how to do that, just contact your favorite Fox News reporter.”

“They’re all here — vaccinated and boosted — all of them,” Biden added.

Biden’s joke was an attempt to call out Fox News for stoking vaccine hesitancy to drive ratings while at the same time implying the hosts who questioned the vaccines secretly took the shots because they knew they worked.

Fox & Friends weekend co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy was not about to let Joe Biden get away with this lie.

Campos-Duffy slammed Biden for falsely claiming that all Fox News hosts were vaccinated stating that co-host Pete Hegseth and herself were not vaccinated.

“They tried to make a big deal. The event said you had to be vaccinated in order to attend,” Campos-Duffy began. “I know, because I was invited and I didn’t go for many reasons, but that was one of them.” 

“They tried to call out Fox News and say ‘Look! Fox News is all vaccinated!’ No, that’s not true,” Campos-Duffy said. She pointed to Hegseth as she continued, saying “He’s not vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated. We allow people choice. And so, that’s the part that I thought was so ironic.”

Critics pounced and tried to claim that Campos-Duffy and Hegseth were in violation of New York City’s vaccine mandate.

But Fox News responded that in accordance with New York City laws Campos-Duffy and Hegseth received religious exemptions from the mandate.

The bigger story however, was that another left-wing lie about Fox News – that its hosts questioned the vaccine while getting the jab themselves – collapsed in very public fashion.

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