Joe Biden just admitted something very damaging about Kamala Harris

Everyone noticed something was odd about the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden then confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

And now, Joe Biden just admitted something very damaging about Kamala Harris.

Historian Jeffrey Frank, who authored books about Vice Presidents Harry Truman and Richard Nixon, recently penned an eyebrow raising op-ed for The New York Times.

In the piece, Frank wrote that President Joe Biden and top Biden administration officials, like Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, rarely hold private lunches with Vice President Kamala Harris.

He also noted that when Joe Biden was Vice President, he regularly had lunch with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Frank wrote:

“In the nearly two years since Mr. Biden tapped Ms. Harris as his running mate in August 2020, we’ve learned that her bonds with Mr. Biden and key administration officials are relatively thin,” Frank wrote for The Times. “It’s no small matter that she’s had only a handful of private lunches this year with Mr. Biden. And after her first lunch with Secretary of State Blinken, in February, 2021, she reportedly expected their lunches to continue, as they had for then-Vice President Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

“Such interaction had been customary; for instance, in the late 1950s, Vice President [Richard] Nixon formed an almost filial relationship with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles,” he continued. “Regular Harris-Blinken lunches, though, didn’t happen (although the two have met, talked by phone, and have what one State Department official calls “regular engagements…regular interaction”).”

Kamala Harris is a massive political liability for President Biden and the Democrat Party.

Polls show Vice President Harris is even more unpopular than Biden.

The one job the President handed Harris – dealing with the Biden border crisis as the administration’s border czar – proved to be a disaster of Biblical proportions.

And possibly the main reason Biden is adamant about running for re-election is the fact that Democrats fear the unelectable Harris would figure out a way to win the Party’s nomination.

President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Blinken not meeting with the Vice President of the United States tells Americans more about how top Democrats view Kamala Harris than any poll.

Biden and Blinken clearly do not value Vice President Harris’ views, and have simply decided to treat her like a joke.

The lack of respect for Kamala Harris is shared broadly across the Democrat Party, as figures like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and even Hillary Clinton, are prepared to challenge Harris in the Democrats’ 2024 Presidential primary, should Joe Biden decide not to seek re-election.

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