Joe Biden is trying to give families a massive bill that will leave millions outraged

Joe Biden has no regard for taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

He wants to stick them with the bill for his reckless spending.

And he’s trying to give families a massive bill that will leave millions outraged.

Joe Biden ran on “shutting down the virus” and getting past the pandemic.

According to him every issue with COVID was President Trump’s fault.

Now that he’s in the Oval Office he’s finding out that blaming Trump doesn’t cut it.

The latest COVID crisis whipped up by the corporate-controlled media is the lack of testing.

With the Omicron variant surging around the country, demand for tests is skyrocketing despite the variant being the least deadly yet.

Despite trillions in COVID relief money, the Biden regime is behind the eight ball on getting enough tests.

In an attempt to “do something” about testing he’s come up with a scheme that could lead to massive new increases in health insurance costs.

The regime has issued a mandate that private insurance and health plans must cover up to eight at-home COVID tests per month per household member.

Previously, insurance only covered a COVID test if it was ordered by a medical professional.

According to analysis done by the Washington Free Beacon, if all 215 million Americans on private health insurance ordered the maximum amount of tests allowed this would pass on $20 billion per month in costs to insurers.

This new cost would be passed along to consumers driving up the premiums on already expensive health insurance.

Even if someone doesn’t order the at-home tests the costs will be spread across the insurance company’s customer base.

With Americans already dealing with “Bidenflation”, he just stuck Americans with an increase on already expensive health insurance premiums.

On top of the massive costs there still remains the question of how health insurance companies would implement the plan and where they’d get the tests from.

Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Kim Keck said, “We are concerned that the policy does not solve for the limited supply of tests in the country and could cause additional consumer friction as insurers stand up a program in just four days’ time.”

With the Biden regime announcing the government is buying 500 million tests to distribute, insurers will have to compete with the government driving up the cost of testing.

To make matters worse there’s no plan yet where the 500 million tests would come from.

The haphazard approach to COVID by Biden will leave American’s with higher bills and scrambling to find testing.

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