Joe Biden is screwed after this report proved just how much of a failure he is

Everybody understands that Joe Biden isn’t capable of being president.

But even his harshest critics didn’t expect him to fail this badly.

And Joe Biden is screwed after this report proved just how much of a failure he is.

Joe Biden is on track to cement himself as the worst president in U.S. history.

For months, inflation has ravaged the economy and businesses are hanging on by their fingertips.

But that isn’t enough for the left to turn on him.

After all, Barack Obama gutted the country economically, and the mainstream media still laughably tries to claim he is one of the best presidents in history.

But following Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, there is no possible way to paint his time in the White House as anything other than an unmitigated failure.

Polling is proving that, with even left-wing outlets having polls showing his approval rating in the low 40s.

And those numbers are about to get a lot worse after his jobs report dropped.

The report showed that the U.S. economy, under Biden’s leadership, added only 235,000 jobs in August, while the unemployment rate dipped to 5.2 percent.

This report came from Biden’s own Labor Department, showing just how bad it is for Biden.

To show just how bad these numbers are, the median Econoday forecast for the month was 740,000 jobs.

Biden had everything set for a hugely successful jobs report.

Due to the economy being hit so hard from coronavirus restrictions, keeping people out of work for months at a time, he could have had a big win in this report easily.

Not to mention the fact that a record 10 million job opportunities are begging to be filled.

But instead, he has continued his strategy of cutting government checks to people, keeping them at home instead of at work.

So now employers are having a difficult time finding workers, considering they can’t compete with the free money the government is handing out.

One concern with this strategy is that Biden could be waiting for the 2022 midterm elections to turn things around.

He can make the economy appear to be improved overnight simply by cutting off those checks, forcing people to look for work.

He may be waiting to do that until that numbers boost is more beneficial for him and his allies.

But the economy will likely not survive that long under these conditions.

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