Joe Biden is panicking over one massive failure that could cost him everything

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a tragedy for the country.

One mistake from his past is coming back to bite him.

And Joe Biden is panicking over one massive failure that could cost him everything.

Major investigations into President Joe Biden’s corruption and failures are coming next year under a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

High-profile investigations into Hunter Biden, the Biden border crisis, and the politicization of the Department of Justice are already taking shape.

While the focus is on those high-profile investigations, White House officials and regime officials told The Washington Post that an investigation into the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan could do the most political damage.

The August 2021 withdrawal shocked the country, and sent President Biden’s approval ratings down the tubes.

His regime bungled the situation from beginning to end, creating one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in American history.

During the evacuation from the Afghan capital, 13 American soldiers were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber at the Kabul airport after the Biden regime turned over security to the Taliban.

That tragic day became the single deadliest day for American soldiers in over a decade.

Even some Democrats have called out Biden for completely mismanaging the withdrawal.

The Biden regime’s planned strategy to deal with the Hunter Biden investigation is to dismiss everything as a political witch hunt.

The dead American soldiers and other costly blunders in Afghanistan will be something that the Biden regime can’t spin as a political hit job.

An Afghanistan investigation would likely start when President Biden is expected to announce his re-election campaign early next year.

“From the moment the events of August 2021 happened, there was a knowledge at the moment that investigations would happen… because it got so much public scrutiny,” one former White House official told The Washington Post. “It’s also an issue where they look back to 2021, and the point at which the President’s approval rating dropped was around Afghanistan, so it brings back the worst moment.”

The Department of Defense conducted its own internal investigation into what went wrong in Afghanistan, but has refused to make its findings public.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL), an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, said the investigation would also look into the resettlement of unvetted Afghan refugees in the U.S., including some with terrorist ties, and terrorist activity currently in the country. 

The catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan started Joe Biden’s downward spiral and the investigation into it could do serious political damage to his re-election bid.

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