Joe Biden is panicking after he was handed this massive defeat he never saw coming

Joe Biden is going to go down as one of the worst Presidents in history.

He’s botched everything his first year in office.

And he’s panicking after he was handed this massive defeat he never saw coming.

Joe Biden was handed an economic recovery from the pandemic by President Trump.

In less than a year, he’s managed to fumble away the Trump recovery and put the economy in its worst shape in years.

The Biden regime is an absolute panic over their economic record.

And they were hit with some of the most devastating news of his Presidency with the January jobs report.

The country lost 301,000 jobs in the private sector for the month according to payroll processor ADP.

The Dow Jones estimate for January showed an expected gain of 200,000 jobs.

This becomes the first negative jobs report from ADP since December of 2020.

Small businesses bore the brunt of the job losses according to the report.

Losses were blamed on a bad business environment and the Omicron Variant.

The economy still remains 2.9 million jobs below its February 2020 peak.

The losses in the ADP report foreshadow bad news from the other major jobs report expected from the Labor Department.

PNC and Goldman Sachs are predicting job losses in the hundreds of thousands when that report comes out.

Bracing for the bad numbers, the Biden regime spent the week leading up to the report putting out excuses for their failures.

Desperate to spin their way out of the disastrous numbers, they put the blame on Omicron.

“We just wanted to prepare people to understand . . . what it is an assessment of and as a result, the month’s jobs report may show job losses in large part because workers were out sick from Omicron,” regime spokesman Jen Psaki claimed.

This comes in spite of the fact that the medical experts think Omicron is the mildest form of the virus yet and calling out sick isn’t the same as losing your job.

While the regime has been desperate to spin its economic record, this is the latest in a string of bad news.

Inflation is at forty-year high and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The supply chain crisis is raging on with shoppers facing empty store shelves.

Despite these obvious problems, Biden and the corporate-controlled media touted 2021’s 5.7% economic growth as proof of a strong economy.

They failed to note this growth came after the economy hit rock bottom with the pandemic.

Americans aren’t buying the spin with Biden getting consistently bad marks on the economy in polling.

With the economy in terrible shape, the Biden regime’s political headaches are only going to grow.  

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