Joe Biden is in hot water after one important decision was brought to light

Joe Biden is dropping the ball on his border crisis.

One move confirmed he doesn’t care about it all. 

Now Joe Biden is in hot water after one important decision was brought to light.

President Joe Biden is ignoring the border crisis that he created.

While the southern border is engulfed in chaos, he’s refused to visit the site of one of the biggest disasters of his Presidency.

President Biden last made a trip near the border during a campaign appearance during the 2008 Presidential election. 

A recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit a microchip manufacturer to tout his economic policies gave him an easy opportunity to visit the southern border.

Phoenix is little over 100 miles away from the border, but Biden refused to visit it during his trip.

Arizona is one of the hardest hit states by the flood of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs, like fentanyl, during the Biden border crisis.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden’s Arizona trip “was about the American manufacturing boom we’re seeing all across the country, thanks to… his economic policies.”

Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions over whether the President is planning to visit the border in the near future. 

But she didn’t need to, because when President Biden was in Arizona, he personally confirmed that he doesn’t at all care about the human catastrophe his regime has created at the border.

“Why go to Arizona and not visit the border?” a reporter asked Biden.

“Because there’s more important things going on,” the President replied.

Despite creating the worst border crisis in the country’s history, President Biden and his “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, haven’t made a single trip to the border since taking office.

Former President Donald Trump made five visits to the southern border during his time in office, which also happened to coincide with record low illegal immigration.

The director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Trump, Tom Homan, said that Biden’s refusal to visit the border is a slap in the face to the Border Patrol.

“If Biden does not visit the border while in Arizona and talk to the men and women who risk their lives every day during a historic border security crisis, then he will show he has truly abandoned the agency that works 24/7 to keep this country safe,” Homan told Fox News. “What kind of Commander-in-Chief abandons those on the front line because of politics? The fact is, Joe Biden won’t visit the border because he doesn’t want to be confronted with the reality of the destruction his policies have caused.”

The Biden regime is committed to ignoring and lying about the border crisis they created.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Vice President Kamala Harris have both claimed that “the border is secure,” despite the fact that a record 2.3 million illegal aliens were encountered by the Border Patrol during the last fiscal year. 

Joe Biden doesn’t care about the immense suffering he’s inflicted on the country from his border crisis.

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