Joe Biden is in hot water after he made this shocking “America Last” move

Joe Biden is doing everything he can to undo President Trump’s America First agenda.

He’s put the globalists back in charge.

And he’s in hot water after he made this shocking “America Last” move.

The political world’s attention has been dominated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Joe Biden’s weak, feeble leadership emboldened another enemy of America.

Now, he’s trying to clean up another of his blunders.

Biden has been hell-bent on opening the borders, creating the worst border crisis in history.

Now, he’s poured gasoline on the fire with his most shocking “America Last” move yet.

Border Patrol agents are being pulled from the southern border to be sent to assist with the Ukraine crisis.

Just the News obtained an internal memo from Customs and Border Protection asking for “volunteers” to go to Poland immediately for “Operation Ukraine Support.”

Border Patrol agents on the temporary assignment are expected to, “facilitate travelers for entry into the U.S., to include providing guidance and problems resolution to other government agencies.”

Agents are expected to deploy to Poland for about a month.

The grueling conditions expected for the agents are outlined in the memo.

It warned, “Once deployed employees are expected to perform all assigned duties and may be required to work irregular shifts and schedules, up to seven days per week including holidays and weekends.”

This is another “America Last” move by the Biden regime hell-bent on dismantling any sort of law and order on the border.

While the southern border is being flooded with record levels of illegal aliens and drugs, the already stretched thin Border Patrol will be losing critical agents.

The overstretched Border Patrol has been plagued by sinking morale from the Biden regime.

National Border Patrol Council union spokesman Jon Anfinsen said, “morale is in the toilet.”

Now, the shorthanded Border Patrol will have a harder time securing the border.

Diverting agents from the southern border during an unprecedented border crisis is a disgusting new low for the Biden regime in Washington, D.C.

This is the second time the Biden regime has pulled Border Patrol agents from the border to help with one of his overseas debacles.

Border Patrol agents were used to try and help vet Afghan refugees brought into the country after Biden’s botched withdrawal.

That mission failed spectacularly thanks to regime’s incompetence when Defense Department background information wasn’t made available for vetting and over 50 Afghans who posed security risks entered the country.

With this latest “America Last” move, it’s clear the Biden regime will do anything to keep Border Patrol from doing their job securing the border.

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