Joe Biden is in deep trouble after he got hit with this devastating news

Joe Biden’s Presidency is spinning out of control. 

He’s running out of excuses for the mounting number of problems he’s created.

And he’s in deep trouble after he got hit with this devastating news.

The corrupt corporate-controlled media painted Joe Biden as a competent moderate who would unite the country.

The Biden regime has turned out to be anything but.

Governing as a radical leftist, the disasters have piled up faster than even his worst critics could have imagined.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a historical disaster, the economy is in Jimmy Carter-style stagflation and he bungled and politicized the response to COVID after Trump handed him a successful recovery. 

After trying to spin failures as success and blaming Trump for everything, the American people are seeing through the regime’s act.

A new poll from left-wing Quinnipiac shows how much trouble the Biden regime is in.

They found that only 37% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance while 52% disapprove.

Independent voters only give Biden a 27% approval rating, which is firmly in Jimmy Carter territory. 

The most eye-popping number from the poll is that only 33% of Hispanics approve of Biden.

This is the second straight bad poll for Biden from Quinnipiac with their previous one giving him a 38% approval rating.

The Quinnipiac findings are consistent with what most pollsters across the board are finding.

Another recent poll from Selzer found similar numbers for Biden with a 37% to 51% approve/disapprove rating.

The RealClearPolitics polling average now has Biden underwater with only 42.3% approving of his job performance.

These crashing poll numbers are putting Democrats in a bind.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer control narrow majorities in the House and Senate.

With Biden’s approvals sinking and likely to get worse, their slim majorities are in danger heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

Already several prominent Democrats in the House have announced their retirement rather than face the wrath of voters in the 2022 elections.

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