Joe Biden is in a panic after this bombshell just dropped on his administration

Joe Biden is on pace to go down as the worst President in history.

His colossal blunders just keep piling up.

And he’s in a panic after this bombshell just dropped on his administration.

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan became one of the greatest failures in American history.

His regime completely mishandled the situation from beginning to end.

This catastrophe exposed the weakness of the Biden regime and left America’s enemies emboldened.

Now, the dangerous consequences of Biden’s disaster are coming to light.

A report from the United Nations gave an alarming update on ISIS-K, the ISIS affiliate active in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

They stated that ISIS-K has nearly doubled in size since Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The group grew from 2,200 fighters to nearly 4,000 now.

Most of these new fighters were released from prisons during the chaotic American withdrawal.

Foreign recruits to the group are also starting to trickle into the country.

The group is growing in strength and becoming emboldened. 

The Taliban is turning a blind eye to terrorists with a report warning, “that terrorist groups enjoy greater freedom in Afghanistan than at any time in recent history.”

The report also warned of the danger caused by the billions of dollars of weapons left behind by the Biden regime.

It says there’s a risk that weapons could fall into the hands of ISIS-K and other terrorists.

Even more terrifying, it mentioned the possibility that these weapons could make their way outside of Afghanistan.

An ISIS-K militant who was freed from an abandoned prison was responsible for the August 2021 suicide attack at the Kabul Airport that killed 13 American service members.

Biden’s feeble regime has led to the reemergence of ISIS after the group was virtually wiped out under President Trump.

This becomes the latest bad news on the growing terrorism problem in Afghanistan for Biden.

General Michael Erik Kurilla, at his hearing to become head of Central Command, offered a stark warning to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“One of the challenges is the threat to the homeland from al Qaeda and ISIS-K. They are reconstituting. The Taliban has not renounced al Qaeda. ISIS-K, with the release of the prisoners both from the Bagram prison and Pul-e-Charkhi — are in a process of reconstituting,” he remarked.

Department of Defense officials have warned that ISIS-K could be only six months to a year away from having the capability to launch attacks internationally.

With the weakest American leadership since Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden’s problems with terrorism could be just beginning. 

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