Joe Biden is ducking for cover after the lid was blown off of this massive scandal

Joe Biden’s regime is riddled with corruption from top to bottom.

He’s hoping Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media can cover it up.

And he’s ducking for cover after the lid was blown off this massive scandal.

Joe Biden’s signature bill has been the $2 trillion dollar special interest giveaway called the American Rescue Plan.

The bill was supposedly for COVID relief but it was used as a pay off his political cronies who got him into office.

A little known provision tucked away in the bill included grants for “racial equity” to be distributed to non-profits and local governments to make the use of drugs safer for addicts.

The Washington Free Beacon discovered that this included money for “safe smoking kits.”

Safe smoking kits are the PC term for crack pipes.

The regime was giving out $30 million in taxpayers’ hard-earned money for a free crack pipe giveaway.

When the Free Beacon reached out to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), they confirmed that indeed the pipes could be used for “any illicit substance” like crack or crystal meth.

As the story exploded, the Biden regime began furiously trying to cover up the story, sensing the massive outrage.

Fearing backlash, HHS changed their story and began lying that they weren’t funding cracks pipes.

Democrats, like regime mouthpiece Jen Psaki, began calling the story fake news.

Big Tech jumped in and censored stories about it with “fact check” warnings saying it wasn’t true.

After this blatant cover up of what the regime itself admitted was true, the Left hoped the story was dead and buried.

Now, reporting from the Daily Caller has blown the lid off of this scandal.

They identified eight organizations that received Paycheck Protection Loans (PPP) during the pandemic that are regularly distributing crack pipes, or the materials necessary to make them.

PPP were forgivable loans designed to help small businesses keep their employees from being laid off during the pandemic. 

These crack pipe suppliers received over $5 million in PPP cash.

Seattle’s Downtown Emergency Service Center, a non-profit allegedly helping the homeless, received nearly $2 million from PPP.

They distribute three different kinds of crack pipes that addicts can get once a week.

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation received over $1.8 million from PPP and helps addicts construct their own crack pipes.

They hand out “supplies like aluminum foil, pipe covers and brillo” for the more enterprising crackhead.

This is an absolute disgrace that hardworking families are being crushed by inflation from Biden’s debt-financed spending spree to fund a free crack pipe giveaway in Democrat cities.

With this problem not going away, this could be a massive political headache for Joe Biden going forward. 

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