Joe Biden hit the panic button when he got this nasty surprise

Joe Biden’s up to his ears dealing with the disasters he created.

A little-known problem could spell big trouble for him.

And he hit the panic button when got this nasty surprise.

Under Joe Biden, the economy is teetering on the brink of a recession.

The economic problems are piling up with no end in sight.

After his disastrous war against American energy, the price of fuel has skyrocketed.

Gas prices have seen some of the most dramatic increases in history under him.

Now, he’s set a grim milestone that’s a warning sign of more economic pain.

The price of diesel recently hit its highest price on record at $5.51 per gallon.

Since Biden took office, the price per gallon of diesel has more than doubled.

While diesel isn’t commonly used in most vehicles driven, its price has major economic implications.

Diesel is the backbone of the trucking industry that delivers goods to stores.

An increase in fuel prices for truckers will be passed along to consumers adding to the pain of 40-year highs in inflation.

Shoppers can expect the price of everything from groceries to electronics to increase as the price to ship goods rises.

“To cover the increased cost of diesel, truckers must increase the rates charged to haul freight. These increased rates are then passed on to consumers via higher costs at the retail level,” said trucking executive Ron Faulkner.

“So, you are paying for high prices of fuel both at the pump and at the grocery checkout line,” Faulkner added.

But these price increases won’t be limited to the trucking industry.

Stuart Varney of Fox Business warned of the pain coming from high diesel prices.

“One of the most important inflation indicators is the cost of a tankful of diesel,” Varney said.

“It’s an indicator that’s flashing a danger signal,” he added.

“Diesel is used by farmers, truckers, construction workers. It’s a baseline cost for any enterprise. It’s a cost that is passed along. You may not buy diesel yourself, but you’ll pay for it” he continued.

Heavy construction equipment, farm equipment, trains and cargo ships are virtually all powered by diesel.

Consumers could see an across the board increase in prices as the higher diesel prices are passed along to them.

Inflation is already completely out-of-control under Joe Biden and now it could get worse because of him.

Varney made a prediction that spells political doom for Biden and Democrats.

“The President is way underwater on the issue of inflation,” Varney stated.

“An ABC/Washington Post poll shows 94% ‘concerned or upset’ by inflation. Imagine how bad it will be if diesel brings us double-digit inflation this summer!” he explained.

“Prediction: $6 diesel, 10% inflation and 6% mortgages by July 4th. Not good,” he concluded.

Inflation is a political problem that’s sinking Biden with no end in sight.

Sky-high diesel prices are a sign that Biden’s devastating inflation could be getting worse.

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