Joe Biden flew off the rails after a top Democrat Senator revealed one jaw-dropping fact about the “Inflation Reduction Act”

U.S. Department of Energy from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Inflation soared to all-time highs after Joe Biden and Democrats rammed through the $700 billion so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

They continue to claim the legislation helped tamper rising inflation.

But Joe Biden flew off the rails after a top Democrat Senator revealed one jaw-dropping fact about the “Inflation Reduction Act”.

Last July, Democrats rammed through the grossly misnamed $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act on a party-line vote.

The legacy media helped President Joe Biden and Democrats parrot the phony narrative that the legislation would help solve the inflationary crisis facing the country.

However, in reality, the bill was a trojan horse for Democrats’ Green New Deal as it was filled with countless taxpayer-funded handouts to “green” companies and left-wing special interests, massive tax hikes on working class Americans, and $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

Of course, the $700 billion in wasteful spending only made inflation worse, and threatened to send the economy into a recession.

During the battle over the Inflation Reduction Act, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) originally opposed the legislation and held up its passage in the Senate.

After enough arm-twisting, Senator Manchin eventually caved to the ruling class elites and voted for the bill.

But Manchin realizes he was deceived by his fellow Democrats.

And the West Virginia Senator expressed his anger during an appearance on CNN This Morning.

Senator Manchin accused President Biden of trying to “reconfigure” the Inflation Reduction Act to make it “strictly an environmental bill.” 

He said his vote against Biden’s nominee for IRS Commissioner, Daniel Werfel, “was a message I’m sending because the President and his administration [are] not adhering to the piece of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act.” 

“They have touted that as strictly an environmental bill, and I can assure you, we put that together and negotiated after we put it together… it was for energy security,” Manchin continued. “My goodness, when you saw Putin do what he did with energy and you know what’s happening to our friends in the EU and Europe and all over, and then basically not being able to produce the energy we have under our feet in our great country and we’re asking other countries such as Iran and Venezuela, the greatest terrorist supporter in the world, Iran, you want them to have more money to create more havoc to humankind?”

Manchin then put the President on notice that he “was appalled” by his twisting the Inflation Reduction Act into a radical left-wing environmental bill. 

“I’ve just said, you’re trying to basically reconfigure a piece of legislation that we passed, that we passed in the Congress, to something that you want and wasn’t in that legislation,” Manchin said to Biden. “So, I’m holding their feet to the fire there and I’ll send — continue to send every message I can, please, adapt and enforce the legislation for energy security.”

Senator Manchin is clearly angry with Biden and his fellow Democrats for convincing him to vote for a bill they are using to ram their radical left-wing environmental policies into law.

Manchin is up for re-election in 2024.

He is likely the only Democrat who could be elected to the Senate – or really any statewide office, for that matter – in today’s West Virginia.  

If Joe Manchin decides he’s had enough of Washington, D.C. – or potentially, even runs for re-election as an Independent – it’ll be bad news for Chuck Schumer in 2024.

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