Joe Biden blew a gasket when his regime came clean about this colossal blunder

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a miserable failure.

Even the federal government can’t deny it. 

And Joe Biden blew a gasket when his regime came clean about this colossal blunder.

President Joe Biden is a left-wing environmental wacko who promised to immediately end the use of fossil fuels.

He declared war on American energy production on his first day in office when he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.

That decision was the first of many anti-human decisions by the Biden regime that sent the price of gasoline to record highs.

Now, Biden’s Department of Energy is revealing the extent of the economic damage that the President caused when he pulled the Keystone XL pipeline’s permits.

A congressionally-mandated report by the Biden Energy Department revealed the economic benefits the country would have gained if the pipeline was completed.

The report found that completion of Keystone XL would have created between 16,149 and 59,000 jobs while delivering a positive economic impact of between $3.4-9.6 billion.

Joe Biden ran for President by falsely claiming that he cared about working class Americans with his phony “Blue Collar Joe” persona.

But with the stroke of a pen, he wiped out thousands of good paying jobs for working class Americans on the pipeline.

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) represents Montana, which lost thousands of jobs from the pipeline being shut down in the state.

He ripped President Biden for his irresponsible and reckless move to drop the hammer on Keystone XL.

“The Biden administration finally owned up to what we have known all along — killing the Keystone XL Pipeline cost good-paying jobs, hurt Montana’s economy and was the first step in the Biden administration’s war on oil and gas production in the United States,” Daines said. “Unfortunately, the administration continues to pursue energy production anywhere but the United States.”

The Energy Department was forced to release the infuriating report after Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) joined Daines to insert a provision into the pork-ladden $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill requiring its release.

Conveniently, the Energy Department waited until after the Midterm elections to release the report, even though the law required it to produce the report within 90 days of the bill passing all the way back in November 2021.

TC Energy, the company behind the pipeline, gave up on it after a federal judge threw out a lawsuit from Republican-led states asking that its permits be reinstated.

“The Department of Energy finally admitted to the worst-kept secret about the Keystone Pipeline: President Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline sacrificed thousands of American jobs,” Risch explained. “To make matters worse, his decision moved the U.S. further away from energy independence and lower gas prices at a time when inflation and gas prices are drastically impacting Americans’ pocketbooks.”

The Keystone XL pipeline was projected to move over 500,000 million barrels of crude oil a day from Canada to the U.S.

Joe Biden’s disastrous decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline was a punch in the gut to the working class Americans he claims to care about. 

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