Joe Biden blew a gasket when Democrats gave him this devastating news

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been an enormous disaster on every level.

Poll after poll show voters have buyer’s remorse with Biden.

And he blew a gasket when Democrats gave him this devastating news.

Joe Biden came into the Presidency being touted by the corporate-controlled media as the next FDR.

Instead, less than a year into his Presidency and he’s looking like the next Jimmy Carter.

Rampant inflation, rising crime, empty store shelves, and a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan are just a few of his blunders that have sent his approval rating into free fall.

Now the doubts the rest of the country has had about Biden are starting to creep into Democrat’s minds’.

A recent poll from NPR-PBS NewsHour Marist showed some startling results.

It found that now a plurality, 44%, of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents think someone else other than Joe Biden gives them their best chance for victory in the 2024 election.

Only 36% of respondents to the poll wanted to stick with Biden while 20% weren’t sure.

The poll also gave Biden an approval rating firmly underwater with 44% approving and 49% disapproving.

These are catastrophic numbers for the Biden regime with doubt creeping in among Democrats.

As the disasters keep piling up for Biden he’s starting to slip among his core supporters.

With Biden’s clearly declining mental state, this poll shows him in a tricky position for the 2024 nomination with his age and plummeting popularity.

If things get bad enough Democrats could be open to pulling the plug on him in the 2024 primary.

Now that the “Build Back Better” agenda is hanging by a thread in Congress, vulnerable Democrat legislators might start to worry about taking a risky vote for the agenda of what could soon be a lame duck President.

With numerous self-inflicted crises likely not going away any time soon, Biden now has to deal with the headache of keeping his own party on board. 

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