Joe Biden blew a gasket when a top official exposed this massive deception

Joe Biden has done everything possible to avoid taking responsibility for his failures.

But he didn’t expect one of his lackeys to let the truth slip.

And he blew a gasket when a top official exposed this massive deception.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a historic disaster for America’s economy.

Inflation is the biggest economic problem in the country, eating away at American’s hard-earned paychecks.

After Biden-promised inflation had peaked in the spring, it hit another 40-year high in May (8.6%).

This is a major problem that isn’t going away for President Biden.

The catalyst for rampant inflation was Biden’s $2 trillion “American Rescue Plan,” which he signed into law soon after he came into office.

This pork barrel monstrosity poured trillions of debt-financed dollars into the economy, sending the inflation rate skyrocketing.

Biden has since trotted out a variety of excuses for the out-of-control inflation rate that his socialist spending spree caused, including blaming it on supposed price gouging being orchestrated by the traditional left-wing boogeyman of evil, greedy “big business.”

During a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing, Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen let the truth slip about this blatant Biden lie, though.

When Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) asked Secretary Yellen if “corporate greed” was causing recent price surges, Yellen admitted that the “bulk of inflation” was caused by supply and demand.

“You are answering the question in a way that I’m glad you answered it, because I think your answer rejects the corporate greed argument that we’ve been hearing,” Senator Grassley replied.

Not even President Biden’s top official on the economy could go along with his laughable “corporate greed” excuse for inflation.

Yellen – possibly unwittingly – punched a hole in one of the biggest talking points Democrats employ to explain the inflation they caused.

But that wasn’t the only time Secretary Yellen rejected the “corporate greed” excuse.

At a recent event held by the ultra-liberal New York Times, Yellen told a likely shocked left-wing audience that “Demand and supply is largely driving inflation.”

One of the biggest excuses President Joe Biden uses to explain away his failures has officially been debunked by one of Biden’s own top officials.

Inflation has been a millstone, grinding away at Biden’s approval ratings, and plunging them into territory previously reserved for the biggest Presidential failures, like former Democrat President Jimmy Carter.

And Americans are reminded of Biden’s failure on inflation every time they step into a store.

Of course, after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s shocking admission, Biden has been forced to go back to the drawing board.

But after flailing around with no answers for his inflation failure, he’s turned to one of his favorite excuses – blaming inflation on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, calling it “Putin’s price hike.”

No matter what excuses he uses, polling shows Americans place the blame for the problem squarely on Biden’s shoulders, though.

And inflation appears to be a political problem that Joe Biden won’t be able to outrun with lame excuses. 

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